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Insane! This Dog Is 16 Years Old and Still Doesn’t Own a Smartphone!

Smartphones. One of the defining products of the current generation. Whether it ‘s made by Apple, Samsung or another company, almost everyone these days owns some sort of smartphone device.

That ‘s why when we found out this dog is sixteen years old and doesn ‘t own a smartphone, we found it odd and adorable. Word obviously spread quickly on the internet, as people all over the country found it to be a wonderfully old fashioned throwback.

Dog. Sixteen years old and still does not own a smartphone!

For readers who grew up in older generations, this seems ridiculous. Not all that long ago, kids didn ‘t have cell phones at all, let alone smartphones. But, for those of us whose childhoods were more recent, kids are getting smartphones earlier and earlier. And this trend has continued with dogs.

Recent surveys show that most millennial dogs get their first smartphone in their early teens. The average dog, these days, gets its first phone by age 13, and the earliest have said they give their dog a phone at age 8. A dog who is sixteen and still doesn ‘t own a smartphone is sure to stick out! And this one certainly did.

Same dog. Now internet famous for not having a phone!

But, why would such a young dog need access to the internet via their cellular device, you might ask? Again, for younger readers the answer is obvious. But we will placate the older audiences by explaining.

Dogs love going on Instagram to look at other dogs and post their cool pics. And using Snapchat to check out each other ‘s stories. And texting. Dogs love to text. It helps them feel connected to each other and their community. Their community of dogs.

Some dogs also use Tinder to help them meet other single dogs, that is if they haven ‘t been spayed or neutered yet.

As a dog parent, you might find that your dog resents you if you refuse to get with a times. “Things aren ‘t like they were when you were growing up ‘, your dog may bark at you. “I need a phone to bark at other dogs who aren ‘t in the vicinity where I can bark at them normally. ‘

So, if you own a dog, it may behoove you to give in and buy your dog a smartphone. Even though you may have to replace it a lot because it is covered in tooth marks (dogs bite their phones even more than we do) it will be worth it in the end.

Fun fact: Most goldfish also own phones at a young age. But they never remember that they have one.

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