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10 Ways To Answer The Phone That Make It Sound Like You Weren’t Drinking Alone

If you ‘re home drinking alone and your phone rings and you answer it and you ‘re embarrassed that you were drinking alone and you need a good line to save face, one of these will do the trick.

“Wasn ‘t drinking alone. Go for Greg. ‘

“Talk to me, I ‘m Mormon. ‘

“Hey, you ‘re on speakerphone so watch what you say. ‘

“Just operating heavy machinery with no problems whatsoever. What ‘s up? ‘

“We can finish sex in a minute ‘ Hello? ‘

“Sorry, I can ‘t talk right now. I ‘m at an onion cutting party. ‘

“Hahahah! Good one, friends-in-the-room! ‘

“David! Put down the knife! ‘

“No, don ‘t make me talk to him, he ‘s an asshole ‘ Hello? ‘

“Make it quick, I ‘m about to start drinking alone. ‘

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