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Catra From HR | Employee Review

Catra from HR Employee Review | Episode 1 Imagine a second-rate cartoon 80 ‘s villain trying to climb her way up the corporate ladder of a mid-sized Silicon Valley tech company. Meet Catra, who makes it her mission in life to torture Jeff, a disgruntled employee who just wants to quit before the investor capital runs out and the company folds. Jeff discovers he can get an extra $50 on his severance if he fills out a review with Catra. He just has to answer a few questions, but Catra makes it personal. Show written and created by Patrick Smith, Titus McNally and Lindsay Rollins Music Composed by Patrick Smith Catra”” ‘..Patrick Smith Jeff”” ‘ ‘.Titus McNally Boss”” ‘…Lindsay Rollins Supporting voices” ‘ ‘Lindsay Rollins Original character design of Catra by Filmation. This is a work of parody/fanfiction and we don ‘t claim to own anything designed by Filmation. Links: Patreon: Website: Twitter: @RocketAdrift

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