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How To Dress Up For Halloween Without Being A Character From Stranger Things

With Halloween quickly approaching, it ‘s time to start figuring out who you are going to be! It ‘s the one day a year when you get to dress up and be a hero or a joke, but either way, no one can say anything about it. However, it ‘s so easy to get lost in the shuffle when everyone is picking the same trendy looks! It ‘s no secret what some of the go-to ‘s will be this year ‘so here ‘s how to dress up for Halloween without being a character from Stranger Things.


A monster, classic! And the best part about monsters – the possibilities are endless! Recently, I stumbled upon a “morphsuit ‘ – have you heard of these bad boys? They essentially are worn like a second skin so your face is unrecognizable! From there, you can add on fun little head pieces or claws that will ‘wait, shoot! That is sort of like the thing from the Upside Down ‘let ‘s move on.


I love cop costumes because you can usually just use things you have lying around the house. Grab yourself a solid colored button down (preferably blue or brown), throw on that Indiana Jones cap you have hanging off your bedroom door, and slap an old brooch over you heart! Even better, for a couple bucks, you can pick up a plastic badge from almost any party store ‘.hmm ‘this is actually sort of like the Sheriff, isn ‘t it? No worries ‘


Yes! That ‘s from an entirely different movie all together! Grab three buddies, girls or guys, because thank you Katie Dippold, and ‘wait ‘ in the trailer for season 2, aren ‘t the kids dressed up as the Ghostbusters? Fuck!


Eggs and Bacon are without a doubt a costume classic ‘but it ‘s 2017! Mix it up! What about chicken and waffles?! There is no way this costume could relate to anything on an 80 ‘s sci-fi ‘oh NOOO! Fuck you Eleven and your Eggo eating addiction! You know what? No wonder you ‘re always passing out ‘L'eggo my Eggo and EAT SOME PROTEIN, BITCH!


PERFECT! A person everybody hates and would love to take a shot at dressing up as for a night! Throw on that trucker hat, layer a graphic tee with an ill fitting jacket and ‘ really? REALLY, GATEN!? That ‘s your EXACT wardrobe INCLUDING the missing teeth!

You know what, forget it. Just get a few of your friends and all go as Eleven.

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