By: Ishmel Sahid

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Knee Shoes: The Perfect Solution To The NFL Kneeling Controversy

As an NFL player, it can be a real struggle to decide whether to kneel or stand during the national anthem. But now with Knee Shoes, you can straddle the fence between protesting police brutality and paying tribute to the nation you hold so dear.


Starring: Ryan Stanger, Ishmel Sahid, Toni Perrotta and R. Craig Eggertz

Written by Ben Wietmarschen, Ishmel Sahid, Jason Flowers and Pat O'Brien

Director of Photography: Nate Cornett
Gaffer: Gavin Davenport
Key Grip: Logan Wade
Swing: Brock Kingsland
Costume Designer: Michelle Thompson
Hair and Make Up Artist: Emily Mefford
Sound Mixer: Eugene Thompson for BoTown Sound
Production Coordinator: Yoli Poropat
Producer: Sean Boyle
Post Producer: Alex Parks
Editor: Danielle Billeaux

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