By: Abigail Barr

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6 Cupcakes You Can Eat Instead Of Texting Brad, Who Knows What He Did

Let ‘s face it: your emotions are running high and you just want to eat your feelings. Brad has seriously wronged you. And honestly? You ‘re not even sure if you ‘ll ever forgive him. HE KNOWS WHAT HE DID. So here are six cupcakes you can eat instead of texting Brad.

Look at this beautifully frosted cupcake! Having frosting all over your fingers will certainly keep you from sending a message to Brad with several “. ‘ ‘s and sarcastic emojis. Seriously, girl. You don ‘t even need to make him feel bad because he KNOWS he fucked up. Doesn ‘t he?

Omg, sprinkles are so cute! They ‘re way cuter than Brad, who definitely should be sending you an apology text or show up to your house with tears streaming down his face while he blasts “Fix You ‘ by Coldplay on his iPhone. After someone does something THAT bad to you, they have to apologize ‘right? Might as well just check his Facebook to see what he ‘s up to.

WOW, candy on top of a cupcake? SOO sweet. Sweeter than the fact that according to FB, Brad is now on peyote infused ayahuasca at IYCE Festival, from the producers of the FYRE Festival instead of visiting a Catholic Priest to literally atone for his sins!

A cookie monster cupcake! So funny because Brad ‘s nickname for himself is still the Pussy monster even though you thought you were exclusive! Om nom nom!

A little ghost cupcake! Like that time you texted Brad you were feeling super itchy and he never responded! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Don ‘t eat these! Because they remind you of what Brad fucking did to you! Like, does he even know he gave you crabs? Ugh.

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