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Groundbreaking: This Woman’s Boyfriend Is Also Her Best Friend

Tuesday was National Boyfriend Day, and happy women and men around the country took to social media to celebrate the boyfriends in their lives.

One post, however, stood out from the rest.

Meet Tess Wallick. She ‘s a 29-year-old sales manager from Mount Vernon, Washington.

In Tess ‘s heartfelt Instagram tribute to her boyfriend of nine months, Mitch Salverson, 28, at first it read like any other post. There were the typical mentions of ‘soulmate, ‘ ‘a journey together ‘ and ‘ups and downs. ‘

But then at the end, there was a major revelation that no one could have seen coming.

Apparently, Mitch isn ‘t just Tess ‘s boyfriend ‘ he ‘s also her best friend! Check out the proof for yourself:


I mean, how is this even possible? Shouldn ‘t Tess ‘s best friend be another woman? And shouldn ‘t Mitch ‘s be one of his “bros?” Wouldn ‘t a romantic partner be totally out of the picture to hold the honor of also being one ‘s best friend?

Apparently not. Because this power couple has officially shattered the mold. If they ‘re not the very first couple to be best friends, they ‘re at least the first to go on the record about it.

Either way, it is seriously awesome.

In a world of increasing conformity, it ‘s so refreshing to see someone dare to be different. Be sure to share this article if you agree!

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