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9 Alternative Celebrations For Baseball Teams Who Are Sick Of Champagne Showers

The baseball postseason is underway and that means one thing for the losers (Vacation!) and another thing for the winners (Enough locker room champagne showers to make a rummy ump blush). But what if you ‘re team is tired of champagne showers? Here are a few alternatives.

A Big Bubble Tea With 9 Straws!

A Pi ‘ata, Belt-High, Right Over The Plate.

Somber Orthodox Jewish Shabbat Service

Bobbing For Chewing Tobacco!

Quietly Folding Up Uniforms And Leaving The Locker Room In Silence. As If No One Had Ever Been There.

Cuddle Puddle!

Finally Succumbing To Temptation (aka A Make Out Sesh With Joe Buck)!

A Bench-Clearing Brunch!

One Can Of Bud Light Passed Around The Back Of A Pickup Truck. Where ‘s The Truck Headed? Nowhere In Particular ‘

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