By: Alex Pearson

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How Dare People Try to Politicize This Terrible Mass Shooting So Close to the Next Terrible Mass Shooting

In this time of mourning and national self-reflection, I call on all Americans to do the respectful, patriotic thing and refuse to politicize this tragedy. There is a time for that, but now is not it. Right now, we should be thinking of the next terrible mass shooting that is about to happen ‘ The one that is statistically, based on the national trend, happening incredibly soon. But, to be clear, not thinking about it in a way that pushes us toward action to prevent it or reduce its toll. Action is politics, and we shouldn ‘t do that right now. So more like thinking about it in a solemn, do-nothing way.

It is insensitive to try to prevent more death and destruction when there are more thoughts and prayers to prepare to give. Now is not a time to place blame or guilt on each other, especially on those who profit from pushing more and more deadly military-style weapons with no justifiable self-defense or sporting purpose into any and all willing hands. Nor should we point a finger at the spineless politicians in their pocket. They are busy doing nothing, and isn ‘t that the most respectful thing right now?

As Americans, it is important to remember our rights. We have a right to say what we feel, but we also have a right to assault rifles and devices that turn assault rifles into super-assault rifles. We should never use the first right to criticize the abuses of the second right. So technically that puts a limit on the first right, but don ‘t you dare consider putting a limit on the second one. That ‘s why it ‘s number two. It ‘s more important.

So, I beg of you, fellow patriotic Americans: In this terrifyingly short build-up to the next mass shooting, don ‘t get all political and call for reasonable controls from our legislators.

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