By: Xavier Rotnofsky

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Tinder Will Now Notify Your Matches When You’re About To Board A Flight In Case You Want To Be Stopped By A Lover

Listen up, Tinder users: get ready to upgrade your love life! Tinder updated its app to notify your matches when you ‘re about to board a plane in case you want to be stopped by a heart-struck suitor. What began as Hollywood fantasy is now real life!

The new feature pairs with your phone ‘s GPS and mobile boarding pass. When the app detects that you ‘re at an airport, it sends a push notification to your matches informing them to get to your gate ASAP if they want a chance at romance. Your GPS coordinates are sent to their device, which activates Google Maps and calculates the fastest route to your terminal. Does this new feature share potentially sensitive data and invade your privacy? Sure, but at least you get to experience the kind of dramatic airport meetup that ‘up until now ‘only existed in movies like Sleepless in Seattle and Casablanca. In fact, it streamlines the process! In the series finale of Friends, Ross probably would ‘ve gotten to Rachel before she boarded her flight if only he had access to Tinder ‘s new technology.

Ross trying to contact Rachel using traditional cellphone technology, like a rube!

Users rushing to the airport don ‘t need to worry about purchasing plane tickets or waiting in long security lines. Tinder has partnered with the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Aviation Administration to waive any fees and security measures that would get in a user ‘s way as they race to your gate. They simply have to scan their profile at baggage check and TSA agents will escort them to your gate.

Tinder is doing what it does best: tearing down obstacles that make online dating hard, like expensive plane tickets and pesky FAA regulations. Thanks to the new feature, you can experience what it ‘s like to have a romantic airport rendezvous, whether you ‘re looking for true love or just a casual hookup!

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