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3 Things I Learned While Being Eaten By A Tiger

Yo, what ‘s good fam?! It ‘s ya boi Cody Nuggzman, AKA Yung Cod, AKA Yung Nuggz, AKA Yung Cody Nuggz.

I came to India to find myself. Unfortunately I currently find myself being eaten by tiger.

Here ‘s 3 things they don ‘t tell you ’bout when you gettin ‘ fucked up by a tiger.

#1. When they say “no regrets, ‘ what they really mean is “no regrets except if you get ate. ‘

I wanted a tour of the jungle.

So I stole a Jeep and snuck in.

Total alpha move.

Why would I pay some dude to drive me around in a jeep if I already know how to drive a damn jeep?

There goes my arm.

Yo, there ‘s hella blood on the ground. Like seven Monster Energys worth.

There was this one time I snorted hella molly with this candy raver at EDC and we hoverboarded around talkin ‘ bout Tower 7.

Wait, why did I just think about that?


#2. Your life hella flashes before your eyes.

I guess that ‘s a thing that happens.

These memories are tight but I low-key can ‘t concentrate with a 600lb. furry chainsaw munchin ‘ my skull like a Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

Wait, am I nothing more than hella memories from my past until I die?

#3. You ‘re basically hella memories until you die.

Like that one time I went viral on IG for blowing kush rings. 30,000 views, bruh.

Shooting the potato gun at the interstate.

It feels like I ‘m on fire.

Almost seeing Drake at the Rosemont Horizon.

Steve – keep my Facebook wall open. You know Yung Cod ‘s gonna be scrolling from heaven.

This is so unchi-

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