By: Lilan and Wilder

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The Vomit Solution to Thirsty Men

Are you a woman suffering from men who seem to hear “yes ‘ when you say “no? ‘ Try Ipecac To Go!

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Guy on Street/”Jake ‘: Jake Sprague
Gal on Street 1/Waitress: Wilder Smith
Gal on Street 2/Dance Club Girl: Lilan Bowden
Guy at Table: Dhruv Uday Singh
Girl at Table/”Megan ‘: Megan Heyn
Office Man: Mark Schroeder
Office Woman: Jiavani Linayao
Dance Club Guy: Jacquis Neal
Dance Club Girls: Nora Mindell/Jiavani Linayao/Megan Heyn
Doctor Chen: Sarah Claspell
Guy at Restaurant 1: Feodor Chin
Guy at Restaurant 2: Landon Ashworth
Hipster Guy: Kevin Debacker
Hipster Girl: Honora Talbott
Writers/Producers/Directors: Lilan Bowden and Wilder Smith (Lilan and Wilder)
Executive Producer: Darren Miller
Editor: Danny Cameron
DP: Travis Prow
Gaffer: Chris Hartsell
Sound Mixer: Marcos Castro
HMU/FX: Andrea Garcia

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