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Funny Or Die Is Now On Twitch!

We ‘re launching our own Twitch channel!

Kicking it all off is a 6 hour broadcast this Friday, 10/13 from 1 to 7pm PST.

Comedian Ian Abramson (Conan, Adam Ruins Everything) hosts the stream, which will feature musical guests such as The Cooties and Lewberger and many comedians including Maria Bamford and Pauly Shore.

Watch the stream free below, or at

Upcoming Shows

Masters Or Die (Mondays 12pm – 2pm)
Join host Josephine McAdam (The Leftovers, Co-optitude) as she climbs her way through the popular Blizzard game Overwatch in order to reach the coveted rank of MASTER. Oh and she might just: rage out, yell, and break her keyboard, all while turning into a screaming anime character. Tune in Mondays at high noon!

Stick Figure Gamer (Mondays 3pm – 5pm)
Meet the Stick Figure Gamer! He ‘s a gamer, who ‘s a stick figure. But he ‘s not like those simple ones everyone used to draw in school, no! This stick figure has style. Join him as he plays through the latest and greatest games. Ask him questions, play along, or simply come hang out. The Stick Figure Gamer does not judge.

Animated in real-time using Adobe ‘s Character Animator, a single puppeteer brings the expressive Stick Figure Gamer to life. This new facial motion tracking technology allows for real time animation something not previously possible.

Heartbreaks & Power-Ups (Fridays 12pm – 1pm)
At some point in our lives we all tackle that ever challenging topic of: dating. Host Alex Griffin meets the subject head-on. Join him and a guest as they try to understand the pitfalls and successes to dating, and help Alex by suggesting updates to his tinder profile including writing out his bio!

Jude News (Fridays 2pm to 3pm)
There is nothing that this newscaster won ‘t do to get the hard hitting facts! Jude Tedmori (The Comedy Show Show) hosts this series alongside on-camera producer Alex Hanpeter (TCSS). Full of gross-out challenges, stunts, and all around insanity, Jude News is not your parents news show. Actually, I ‘m pretty sure it ‘s not a news show at all!

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