By: Katarina Hughes

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How To Change A Tire Like A Badass Bitch

What happens when you get a flat tire in the desert? You summon music video magic and make that tire your bitch!

Kat: Katarina Hughes
Malie: Malie Mason
Bird Man: Carlo Sciortino
Weird Uncle: Wayne Chiang
Director: Matthew Szewczyk
Written by: Katarina Hughes
Produced: Chelsea Fenton and Katarina Hughes
Edited: Matthew Szewczyk
DP: Oliver Young
Executive Producer: Darren Miller
1st AD: Camille Smura
Art Director: Malie Mason (FOD Channel)
Art PAs: Olive Garguilo and Mike Graham
AC: Austin Millinder
Steady Cam: James Geyer
Gaffer: Danny Williams
Makeup: Mel Thornton
Costume Designer: Michael Yale
Sound: Gabe Linkiewicz
Production Assistants:
Chris Carmona
Mikalyn Cavanaugh
Flynn Nicholls

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