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What happens when you're the only girl whose never gotten a dick pic? Written by Claire Dellamar and Mandie Cheung. Directed by Anthony Meindl. Featuring – Cassie Keet, Hayley Shaw, Erika Rankin, Brian Flaccus, Nick Kilgore, Nikola Kent, Chris Cusano, Amber Sweet, Jana Nawartschi, Chadwick Hopson, Nina Rausch, Rick Lawrence, Alex Raines, April Mouton, and Jordan Shapelle. Shot by Ray Wongchinda. WHOA MAN! is a Los Angeles based comedy fem-squad that writes, directs and produces all aspects of their monthly live comedy show. This is one of their original sketches. Members – Cassie Keet, Hayley Shaw, Claire Dellamar, Mandie Cheung, and Erika Rankin.

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