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The Guy Who Never Participates In His Group Text Popped In To Say “Hey ‘ And Forever Disappeared

Holy Shit! Clay has returned to the group text. He wrote a few lines in the chat back when it was created in 2016, but ever since then he ‘s been MIA.

Clay ‘s triumphant return to the Garbage People group chat

Clay stayed silent when everyone congratulated David on the birth of his daughter, he stayed silent when everyone roasted Jason for wearing matching sweatpants with his girlfriend,
he even stayed silent when Patrick called John “a pipe full of festering shit ‘ for voting for Trump.

Clay just didn ‘t want anything to do with the goddamn group chat, and everyone had come to terms with it.

But that changed on Tuesday at 5:07 PM. While the guys were making plans to buy tickets for demolition Derby, guess who popped in to say “Hey y ‘all, ‘ that ‘s right, Clay did.

Reenactment of all the members of the Garbage People group chat celebrating Clay ‘s return

As you can see, the group lost their fucking shit when Clay appeared. This was like seeing fucking Jesus on a dog ‘s butthole, or whatever. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true. “Hey y ‘all ‘ was all the group was gonna get from Clay.

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