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6 Explanations For LeBron’s Cryptic ‘Arthur Fist’ Instagram Post

LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world, but his skills of making cryptic social media posts aren ‘t far behind.

On Monday night, LeBron made his first such post of the new season ‘this time, posting the past-its-prime-but-still-relevant ‘Arthur Fist ‘ meme on Instagram ‘and fans are scrambling to figure out what it means. So we broke it down and listed the six most likely explanations for LeBron ‘s apparent frustration.

What did LeBron mean by this? Let ‘s find out.

1) The new Arthur season conflicts with the NBA season.

Arthur returned for its 21st season last month on October 24th, exactly one week after the beginning of the NBA season. This is horrible timing for LeBron, as it comes during an extremely busy time of the year for him, so he doesn ‘t have much free time to watch the show.

2) Arthur ‘s glasses defy gravity.

Arthur is an aardvark, so his ears are nearly on the top of his head. However, he still wears his glasses as a normal human would, with the temples (or arms) of them positioned at a 90-degree angle on his head. How do they stay balanced while resting well below his ears, and being held up by nothing? It doesn ‘t make sense. And LeBron is sick of it.

3) Arthur has different species co-exist unrealistically.

As previously mentioned, Arthur is an aardvark. Fine. But shouldn ‘t the entire cast be aardvarks then? Instead, there is a monkey, rabbit, bulldog, and other main characters of different animals that somehow communicate seamlessly with no sort of language or cultural barrier. The whole inclusivity message is cute, but it ‘s totally unrealistic, and LeBron knows it.

4) We need more Ricky.

Ricky is Arthur ‘s basketball-playing cousin, but we hardly ever see him! You ‘re telling me arguably the coolest character on the show is barely even recurring? Totally unacceptable, and an insult to any basketball player is an insult to LeBron.

5) Binky is a big, dumb bitch.

If you can get past the fact that a Binky (a bulldog) and Arthur (an aardvark) are somehow in the same third grade class at school, you can see how much Binky sucks. He leads a club of ruthless bullies called the “Tough Customers ‘ (sick, dude!), and uses his large mass and douchebag attitude to mask his rampant insecurities. Pick on someone your own size, asshole. No wonder we all hate you, including LeBron.

6) Muffy is proof we need a fairer tax code.

It ‘s tough to outdo Binky in terms of unlikability, but Muffy manages to do so. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she is totally out of touch with reality and the other working class students at Lakewood Elementary. The income inequality between Muffy ‘s family and the rest of Lakewood shows we need a fairer tax code that doesn ‘t siphon money from the middle class to go to the 1%, like her insufferable family. LeBron, on the other hand, grew up with nothing and had to earn his way to the top, unlike Muffy who will probably never have to work a day in her life. Must be nice.

So what do you think? Which of these explanations do you think LeBron intended by his post? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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