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13 Signs You’re A Middle-Aged Gen Xer

It seems like it was the 90s just yesterday. But it wasn ‘t! That was more than 17 years ago!

Guess what, Gen X?! You ‘re middle-aged now! Relate to this!

  • You try to explain to your teenager why you have a deep, undying crush on the mom in ‘Stranger Things ‘
  • “Even Flow ‘ is not so much a Pearl Jam song anymore as it is a reason you ask your doctor about prostate medication.
  • Your “I met Steve Guttenberg ‘ story doesn ‘t kill like it used to
  • Only clubbing you do is Sam ‘s and Costco
  • You burn your podcasts to CDs
  • Your oversized, baggy clothing is no longer oversized or baggy
  • You work for an internet company but you ‘re not sure what the company does
  • You remember when kale was spinach
  • The OJ trial is your ‘Harry Potter ‘
  • When people ask you to ‘stop ‘ you fight an overwhelming urge to say ‘collaborate and listen ‘
  • Your JNCOs fit like skinny jeans now
  • You are a Duffer Brother
  • Your trucker hat says “Lipitor ‘

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