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Not Good Enough: Only 25% Of Kevin Spacey Has Been Erased From American Beauty

The production company behind American Beauty has been criticized after only partially removing Kevin Spacey from the Oscar-winning movie.

The disgraced actor has been disowned by every project he ‘s currently involved in, including House of Cards, and All the Money in the World (The latter, in fact is re-shooting all of Mr Spacey ‘s scenes using veteran actor Christopher Plummer)

Erasing an actor from a movie that ‘s still in production is difficult, but erasing one from a movie that ‘s already been out for years is an altogether different challenge. It ‘s an unfortunate fact that Kevin Spacey is an incredible actor, and as such, has appeared in a number of highly acclaimed films.

The production company behind Seven confirmed this week that they ‘ve completely erased Kevin Spacey from the movie. On the plus-side, they ‘ve shown that they won ‘t tolerate predatory behavior, but critics have pointed out that the movie is now pointless, since nobody gets killed and the movie is only 12 minutes long.

The production company responsible for American Beauty, however, has only managed to partially remove Spacey. Blaming budget restraints, a spokesman for the Jinks/Cohen company said they removed as much as they could, but admit the end result seems a little half-hearted.

For most of the movie, Kevin Spacey ‘s face has been erased completely, and replaced with a crude, generic one instead.

His torso however, remains throughout ‘ and his limbs sporadically appear and disappear. In fact, in one scene, Spacey ‘s arms have simply been replaced with parsnips.

Fans of the movie complain that it doesn ‘t have the slick charm that it once did, as a torso seemingly floats through scenes without any sense of purpose. Plus, the fact that all of Spacey ‘s lines have been re-recorded by Carrot Top speaking in a highly offensive Mexican accent only serves to further ruin the movie.

The Kevin Spacey scandal shows no signs of slowing down, but hopefully future re-edits will learn from the mistakes of American Beauty, and either completely remove problematic actors, or leave the movie as it is.

By Fred Delicious

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