By: Shelby Slauer

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The Top 11 Good Things That Happened In 2017 All Of Which Are The Solar Eclipse

2017 has been a tough year for all of us, but there were a few moments we can all look back on fondly, all of which were the solar eclipse of August 21st, 2017.

So here ‘s a list of the top 11 good things that happened this year, a list made up entirely of the solar eclipse.

1. When the country stopped the economy to watch the moon block the sun.

2. The look on everybody ‘s faces as they exclaimed, “Nighttime is upon us, ahoy! ‘

3. When coworkers from all different companies and walks of life gathered in the street to ask if anyone had extra solar eclipse glasses.

4. When the solar eclipse alleviated my sunburn for 11 wonderful minutes.

5. When everyone outside connected with the lost generation that last saw an eclipse in 1935. I saw my own face in one of their photographs, much like the film adaptation of Stephen King ‘s “The Shining,”bringing me understanding my existence is no accident, but something much deeper.

6. When the parade began down 9th Avenue that then immediately dissipated once the sun came back, its only traces some trumpets and batons that were abandoned on the street.

7. Attending solar eclipse parties that happened the evening following the solar eclipse when everyone had already discussed the solar eclipse.

8. Tiny houses.

9. When Congress crossed party lines to declare star 4587-C in quadrant 78 of the Milky Way our interim sun.

10. I think it also made the blondes blonder.

11. When the solar eclipse brought us all together, one nation, under God, the God of the solar eclipse, if but for one short moment.

Here ‘s to 2018, may it include more than just one good thing.

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