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Catra From HR | Fire Safety

Catra from HR Fire Safety | Episode 5 Imagine a second-rate cartoon 80 ‘s villain trying to climb her way up the corporate ladder of a mid-sized Silicon Valley tech company. Meet Catra, who makes it her mission in life to torture Jeff, a disgruntled employee who just wants to quit before the investor capital runs out and the company folds. The students from the Elon Musk School for Future Innovators tour the the Synergisms offices. Good thing the boss put Catra in charge of Fire Safety! Show written and created by Patrick Smith, Titus McNally and Lindsay Rollins Music Composed by Patrick Smith Catra”” ‘..Patrick Smith Jeff”” ‘ ‘.Titus McNally Boss”” ‘…Lindsay Rollins Supporting voices” ‘ ‘Lindsay Rollins Original character design of Catra by Filmation. This is a work of parody/fanfiction and we don ‘t claim to own anything designed by Filmation. Links: Patreon: Website: Twitter: @RocketAdrift

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