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Christmas Crime (feat. Steven Boyer)

Who's to blame if someone breaks into your pretty house? That shiny handle was just asking to be turned. Why was the door even unlocked in the first place…? “Christmas Crime” addresses the basics of consent and the hypocrisy of victim-blaming, all with the signature We Are Thomasse flair for making serious topics accessible through humo(u)r. Subscribe for new videos being released every other week! Starring Nick Afka Thomas, Sarah Ann Masse, and Steven Boyer Written by Sarah Ann Masse and Nick Afka Thomas (We Are Thomasse) Directed by Sarah Ann Masse Cinematography by Anthony Savini Sound by Peter Getz Edited by Jessica Brooker Campbell Produced by Zonino Productions and We Are Thomasse (Sarah Ann Thomas) Special Thanks to The Brewster Family and The Masse Family If you want to learn more about sexual assault and harassment or if you need help please contact the organizations below RAINN Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline 800-656-4673 Joyful Heart Foundation Women In Film Los Angeles Sexual Assault Help Line 323-545-0333 Twitter @WeAreThomasse Facebook Instagram @WeAreThomasse Patreon: Mailing List:

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