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Epic Studios: Captain Cockblock

Wassup y'all, this is one of my favorites songs from my new comedy series Epic Studios. Wrote it with tons of help from my good friend Drennon Davis who is a super talented musician here in LA. It's from episode 9 and if you haven't been checking them all out please do. Now back to fighting crime… -eL // ‘Captain Cockblock” / Written by Drennon Davis and Lloyd Ahlquist / Beat by Drennon Davis / Produced by Jose ‘Choco” Reynoso and Lloyd Ahlquist / Mixed and Mastered by Jose ‘Choco” Reynoso / Performed by Lloyd Ahlquist / Directed by: Rob Stefaniuk / Director of Photography: Ian Carleton / Editors: Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, Alexandra Mastronardi, Branden Bratuhin, Jordan Crute , Pat Fairbairn, Sam Thompson

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