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Epic Studios: Mixed Signals

This song really made me laugh a ton when we filmed it for Epic Studios. It's the song inside of episode 4 and the actress Amy Matysio is maybe one of the funniest women I've worked with. I wrote this song with much help from Zach Sherwin who you all know form ERB. If you've been watching the series since the start thanks so much, if not, get to it! – eL // Written by Zach Sherwin and Lloyd Ahlquist / Beat by Hydrosoniq Publishing / Produced by Jose ‘Choco” Reynoso and Lloyd Ahlquist / Mixed and Mastered by Jose ‘Choco” Reynoso / Performed by Lloyd Ahlquist & Amy Matysio / Directed by: Rob Stefaniuk / Director of Photography: Ian Carleton / Editors: Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, Alexandra Mastronardi, Branden Bratuhin, Jordan Crute , Pat Fairbairn, Sam Thompson

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