By: Alex Pearson

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Oprah In The Race? Carson Daly ‘s Path To The Presidency In 2020 Just Got A Lot Narrower

It ‘s the speech everyone ‘s talking about. She ‘s the possible candidate on everyone ‘s mind. She ‘s Oprah, and she definitely has the nation ‘s attention.

So what does an Oprah run mean for Carson Daly in 2020? Well, it ‘s certainly not good news, but it ‘s not necessarily the end of the world. There is still a way Daly could barely eke out an electoral victory, but he absolutely must carry these crucial states. Here ‘s how:


Can Daly get Florida independents and undecideds to flock to him thanks to a key late-season miscalculation by Winfrey? Like adding hurricanes to her annual list of favorite things?


Always ripe for an unexpected political wild card, Iowa could go to Daly with a surprise wave of nostalgia for some other vote-splitting third-party candidate with Iowan sensibilities, like Joe Millionaire.


Where ‘s the beef? Daly would have to get out of his comfort zone and fight dirty. Remember what Oprah said about eating beef during the mad cow scare that one time? Keep the media talking about that controversy, and be prepared to deflect any attention from your own controversial fingernail polish phase.


Isn ‘t that where Justin Timberlake is from? Surely Carson Daly knows something from the TRL days to blackmail an endorsement out of the guy.


He ‘d need to turn out Utah millennials, and maybe he can. Remember, in Utah, Carson Daly is the definition of edgy and anti-establishment.


Trivia: Did you know Nebraska ‘s sixth most popular nickname is “The Carson Daly of States ‘? Every little thing helps.

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