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Five Diseases With The Same Symptoms As Anxiety

If you ‘ve found yourself frantically searching the internet for reasons the simmering pain inside of you won ‘t stop, or begging your doctor to explain the fog that swamps your every thought, you probably already know the symptoms of anxiety well. Try as you might, you cannot seem to convince your doctors or yourself of any firm diagnosis, succumbing to the reality that you ‘ve been a sidestepping a clearly defined disorder within you for long enough.

Well succumb no longer.

With these five real and documented diseases, you can finally point to a concrete distraction. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, there are numerous illnesses with similar symptoms to anxiety. Many symptoms, in fact, come up frequently when scouring the web for sicknesses you can project on yourself. By jumping to conclusions and assuming you have any or all of these ailments, you can kick that mental health hurdle down the road.

#1 Hypoglycemia

A condition in which there is an abnormally low level of glucose in your blood, hypoglycemia has numerous symptoms in common with anxiety, including fatigue, irritability, palpitations, and sweating. While it is true that this is more common in people with diabetes, are you really sure you don ‘t have that too? This will allow you to go back to your doctor and get a specific test, giving you more time to persuade them to diagnose you.

#2 Lyme Disease

For the neurotic suburbanite, Lyme Disease is a disease commonly carried in deer ticks. The fatigue and palpitations may be your perfectly common, identifiable, nothing-to-be-ashamed-of anxiety, but it may also be a disease existing exclusively in a small insect that has to be on your body for over a day to infect you. Either way, it ‘s worth going back to your doctor and asking him the same questions in a different way.

#3 Brain Cancer

Alright, we ‘ve messed around for long enough, it ‘s time to get into the big stuff. Not only does brain cancer have crossover symptoms including lack of concentration and lightheadedness, but this diagnosis is not as simple as a blood test. This will allow you to see your doctor multiple times, and even net you a few trips to a specialist.

#4 Alzheimer ‘s Disease

You ‘re never too young to think you have Alzheimer ‘s. Head back over to your doctor, and see with they think about it. Is your sleep disorder simply the brain demanding you pay attention to it, or are you already getting a hereditary disease that likely doesn ‘t run in your family? Try a new doctor and ask them, too.

#5 Heart Attack

This is it.

With similar symptoms to a panic attack, a heart attack could spell certain doom. Sure it ‘s not a disease, but the tunnel vision, hyperventilation, and dizziness likely means your heart is no longer able to pump precious life into your body. You can try to get to a doctor if there ‘s even time, but this could really be the one, it could really be happening right now.

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