By: A Converse All-Star Sneaker

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“I Am An All-Star, Rihanna. Will You Date Me?” by A Converse Sneaker

“I see an opportunity, and I ‘m seizing it. ‘ -Me

What ‘s up what ‘s up? It ‘s me, ya boy.
Your favorite sneaker.
The O.G.
The AKA Mr Chuck T.
The first-ever shoe, ever.
I ‘m in all your closets.
I ‘m the thin, the fashionable. The horniest shoe on the block ‘

It ‘s me! The CONVERSE ALL-STAR (left, size 11).

Okay, lace up. Let ‘s get into it.

Call me crazy, but I think I ‘ve got a chance with contemporary R&B / dance-pop GODDESS, Rihanna.

Let me explain.

In 2014, Joel Embiid, a player for the Philadelphia 76ers, disclosed in an interview that he met Rihanna, and had Asked Her Out! Well, apparently, she told him “Come back when you ‘re an All-Star. ‘

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