By: Funny Or Die

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This Is Why Technology Killed Romance

One man attempts to write a love letter despite constant distractions.

Gianmarco Soresi – Writer
Kristopher Knight – Director / Editor
Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand – Producer
Jean-Louis Fragnay- Production Manager
Michael Mastroserio – Director of Photography
Paul Costa – Camera / G/E
Andrew Koltsoon – Sound Mixer
Ally Spier – Production Designer
Edge In Motion Productions LLC – Production Company
Darren Miller – Executive Producer
Michael and Loren Hand – Special Thanks for Our Location
Gianmarco Soresi – Josh
Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand – Dog Lady / Mom VO
Russell Daniels – That Makes Me Laugh Guy
Dominique Nisperos – I Like That Woman
Jonathan Portee – Taco Tuesday Man
Emma Ramos – New Mother
Max Brand – Dick Pic Wrong Number Dude
Kris Knight – Off-Screen Jeff
Douglas Goodhart – Announcer VO
Jean-Louis Fragnay – Calligrapher / Hand Model

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