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How To Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

What do you do once you get a speeding ticket? Do you cry? Do you go to trial and yell ‘OBJECTION ‘ at the judge until he or she sees you ‘re innocent? Do you fly a special traffic drone into other vehicles, creating a diversion? NO. None of those things. Instead, you get out of ever receiving that expensive moving vehicle violation in the first place.

What starts as a standard traffic stop, quickly gets out of hand. This poor driver comes up with the ballsiest, gutsiest move right on the spot to the cop who pulls him over. To a COP. Cops are scary. Cops in cop cars are wily creatures. Whenever I try to bluff my way through any situation, even if it ‘s negotiating why my coupon for foot powder is still valid even though it clearly expired, I freak out and cancel my day.

But this guy. He ‘s got serious BDE. However, the cop does him one better, calls him on his move, and the hunted becomes the hunter, who was the hunted, and is now hunting. For speeding tickets.


Dom: Dom Fera
Officer Sam: John Alton
Mary: Lorena Martinez
Receptionist: Amber Grace
Joey (age 2): Zack King Daniel
Joey (age 13): Zachary Westerman
Joey (age 17): Blake Borders
Joey (age 20): Nik Oldershaw
Production Company: Extraordinary Alien Films
Director: Timothy Hautekiet
Producer: Montserrat Gomez
Written by: Timothy Hautekiet & Montserrat Gomez
Director of Photography: Joey Daniel
Executive Producer: Darren Miller
1AC/ Grip & Gaff: Ryan Blewett
Production Designer: Amber Grace
Make up / Hair Artist: Cassandra Byers
Make Up Assistant: Aubrey Gimenez
Sound Mixer / Boom Op: Evan Schaaf
Production Assistant Nik: Oldershaw
Sound Designer: Dan Pugsley
Editor: Timothy Hautekiet
Composer: Alexander Arntzen
Colorist: Zack Wallnau
Special Thanks: Megan McDonnell
Special Thanks: Selam Woldegiorgis
Special Thanks: Thomas Walker
Special Thanks: Kavita Daniel

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