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Poor Unfortunate Souls

Life is hard, that's why there are bars! And Ursula is here to make all your troubles disappear! So let's make it a double. Don't forget to leave a tip! A WHOA MAN! Production

Written by Mandie Cheung and Claire Dellamar. Starring Hayley Morris, Claire Dellamar, Erika Rankin, Cassie Keet & Mandie Cheung. Directed by Anthony Meindl. Featuring Kate Amundsen, Jackie Young, Michael Burke, Brian Flaccus, Jessica Olsen Flaccus, Chris Cusano, Frances Brennand Roper, Rick Lawrence, Amy Walker, Cj Forst, Travis Weinand, Leah Haile, & Court Rutter.
Cinematography by Ray Wongchinda Sound by Justin Fleuriel Sound Design by Fred Oliveira

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