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About to Try Online Dating for the First Time? Check out these FAQS!

About to Try Online Dating for the First Time? Check out these FAQS!

  1. Q: “Is it inappropriate to ask my internet date personal questions? ‘
    A: Of course not. You can ask them anything you want. They ‘re just a regular person like you! Get to know them.

  2. Q: “Should I bring a business card? ‘
    A: No. This is not business. Just be casual and have fun.

  3. Q: “I ‘ve only slept with a few people. Will they know? ‘
    A: Honestly, yes.

  4. A: “I ‘ve slept with lots of people, but never someone I met off the internet. Will they know? ‘
    A: No. I don ‘t see how they could tell.

  5. Q: “I just told my first internet date that I ‘m a virgin, but I was lying. What should I do? ‘
    A: Why would you tell them that? You ‘re in your 30s! And no one actually wants to sleep with a virgin. That was only a dumb thing guys said they liked as teenagers. Just tell them the truth. Otherwise this will become a whole thing.

  6. Q: “I saw my internet date at the bar but I just walked right passed him. Can I go back? His name is “Dave. ‘ ‘
    A: Yes. Just turn around and ask them if they are “Dave. ‘ It ‘s really not a big deal.
    Q: “I just walked right by him again and left. It felt weird to talk to him after I walked by him. ‘
    A: (sigh) Fine. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

  7. Q: “Will my internet date murder me? ‘
    A: No. Of course not. Tell a friend where and when you ‘re going on your date and the person ‘s name just to be safe.
    Q: “What if they used a fake name so they could murder me? ‘
    A: We do not allow fake names.
    Q: “What if I want them to murder me? ‘
    A: ‘

  8. Q: “Is there such a thing as dressing too slutty for my internet date?/ Should I wear a costume like a nurse or something? ‘
    A: DO NOT COME DRESSED AS A SLUTTY NURSE. I ‘m assuming you are not a nurse so do not dress like a nurse. Just be yourself and dress in normal clothes. Why are you trying to ruin this date?

  9. Q: “I ‘m on my internet date. I ‘m in the bathroom. I don ‘t think I like this person very much. They said a lot of stuff about “farming ‘ which was fine but then they switched to “porn ‘ and I ‘m supportive of farming but not as keen on porn. I ‘m not sure what to do? ‘
    A: You can leave your internet date at any time.

  10. Q: “I didn ‘t like my internet date so I just left. They later messaged me and said “Are you ok? Where did you go? ‘ Can you ban them from the dating app? ‘
    A: Wait, did you just leave unannounced?
    Q: “That ‘s correct. You said I could leave at any time. ‘
    A: Yeah but like, say “Goodbye” or “This isn ‘t working. Thanks though. ‘
    Q: “Oh, You didn ‘t say that so I just walked out. ‘
    A: Jesus Christ.

  11. Q: “Are you single? I just really like your advice so I was curious. ‘
    A: This is not the place to ask me out. I am here to answer these questions because it is my job.

  12. Q: “My mom-“
    A: Stop. Whatever this question is the answer is No.

  13. Q: “If I arranged to be murdered by someone else while on my date, could I frame my date for the murder? ‘
    A: I ‘m sorry. Your account has been suspended pending investigation.

  14. Q: “Hi! I started a new account. Do you want to come over? ‘
    A: NO. Also, it is recommended that you have a first date at a public place. Please stop contacting me personally.

  15. Q: “Hi I ‘m in your apartment! Try to find me! ‘
    A: Thank you for your question. Please allow us 24 hours to find our customer service representative and we hope you ‘re having a fun date!

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