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The Cast Of Jurassic Park Now!

How old would you feel if we told you that Jurassic Park came out in theaters 25 years ago?! 60? 90? 900? Pretty old right? Like you might die tomorrow, right? Time passes, and people get older. Let that fact sink in. People who were born the year we first heard Jeff Goldblum say “must go faster, must go faster ‘ can now rent cars legally. Yep. Who are the dinosaurs now? You. You are f'n older than dirt! Zing!

Since Jurassic World 2 debuts soon, we thought we ‘d take a stroll down Nostalgia Lane, which as at the crossroads of Memory Boulevard and Yesteryear Street. You are so f'n old you probably have dementia and can ‘t remember where any of those streets are, but you can find it on Waze if you aren ‘t so damn old you don ‘t know what that is. It ‘s been 25 years since the Jurassic Park came out, and we wanted to see how much the cast of Jurassic Park has changed since they first ran from genetically bred dinosaurs.

Sam Nell
Laura Darn
Jeff Goldberg
Wayne Night
Tyrantusaurus Rex

This article was inspired by a text message from Jason Sereno.

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