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10 Moments From Last Night’s ‘Bachelorette’ That Will Make You Cringe

1) When one guy came in riding a heavily sedated, drooling bull.

2) This guy ‘s terrible hairdo and overall creepy vibe.

3) When this guy came in on a mini van that was full of diapers.

4) The overly enthusiastic guy who jumped out of the back of a hearse.

5) The contestant whose name was Clay, and thought he ‘d stand out by making this horrifying clay figurine of Becca.

6) When we found out the creator of Venmo was one of the contestants.

7) When this chivalrous gentleman dunked over Becca ‘s head.

8) The extremely uncomfortable interaction with the one guy Becca had met a few times.

9) When she kicked off Joe, the adorable grocery store owner ‘

10) ‘but kept the annoying chicken guy who kept his stupid costume on DURING THE ENTIRE SHOW!

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