By: Dashiell Driscoll

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Today Sucks But Here’s A Lovely Weezer Cover Of “Africa” By Toto

Today sucks for no shortage of reasons. We can all agree on that. But just because today is yet another bummer of a day doesn ‘t mean you can ‘t take a break from the never-ending agony of existence to enjoy a lovely Weezer cover of “Africa ‘ by Toto.

Wow! What a pleasant cover of a truly fantastic song done by a band you probably enjoyed a lot at one point of your formative years and, by extension of your fond memories for that time in your life, still have a soft spot for. It ‘s almost enough to make you forget that today chews ass. Almost! In case you ‘re wondering how this moment came to pass, it ‘s all thanks to a teenage-run Weezer fan account that has been endlessly harassing the band to cover “Africa ‘ by Toto. And how are they feeling now that it finally happened?

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