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Awkward Exes: Britain & America 1976 – Allies With Benefits

July 4th, 1976: On the back of the stress of The Vietnam War, but flying high from her 200th Birthday celebrations, #America decides to have some fun with her old on-again, off-again ally with benefits, #Britain. Will this #FourthOfJuly end in fireworks or will it just fizzle out? **PLUS, SPECIAL BONUS FOURTH OF JULY VIDEO ON PATREON FOR OUR PATRONS** Awkward Exes: Britain & America 1976 – Allies with Benefits Starring: Nick Afka Thomas and Sarah Ann Masse Written by Sarah Ann Masse and Nick Afka Thomas (We Are Thomasse) Directed by Ed Ballart Sound by Ed Spangler Edited by Keven Pelon Hair and Makeup by Davina Dawn Galovich Set Photographer: Skyler Barrett of Girls Run The World Photography Produced by Zonino Productions & We Are Thomasse (Sarah Ann Thomas) Special Thanks to Sarah Armstrong Twitter: @WeAreThomasse Facebook: Instagram: @WeAreThomasse More info at for all our latest releases and behind the scenes gossip! And to become a patron!

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