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If Jeff Goldblum Were…

They say never compare yourself ‘ but neither they nor you are Jeff Goldblum.

Jeff loves to play the “If I were ‘ ‘ game on “Cooking with Jeff. ‘ We already know:

  • If Jeff were a cheese, he ‘d be Swiss ‘ bold with lingering flavor
  • If Jeff were a fruit, he ‘d be a dragonfruit ‘ sweet, unique, and surprising

What other items could you pick up using the Kroger App that would remind you of Jeff? Let ‘s take a look at a few more:

  • If Jeff were a vegetable, he ‘d be garlic ‘ makes everything better, is unmistakable, smells great
  • If Jeff were a drink, he ‘d be a green tea ‘ light-bodied, mellow, acid-free
  • If Jeff were a dessert, he ‘d be a chocolate truffle ‘ sweet, decadent, always in style
  • If Jeff were a nut, he ‘d be a pistachio ‘ colorful, tough to crack, full of antioxidants
  • If Jeff were a spice, he ‘d be cardamom ‘ smokey, worldly, a little goes a long way
  • If Jeff were a breakfast food, he ‘d be yogurt ‘ cultured, smooth, full of surprises
  • If Jeff were a seafood, he ‘d be swordfish ‘ bold, sharp, body is a deadly weapon
  • If Jeff were a pasta sauce, he ‘d be Private Selection Rose Delicate Cream sauce ‘ full of flavor, authentic, always looks great spread over a bowl of pasta
  • If Jeff were a bread, he ‘d be a baguette ‘ worldly, warm, easy to pull apart with your hands
  • If Jeff were a condiment, he ‘d be Private Selection Lemon Dill Aioli ‘ zesty, tangy, really pulls a meal together

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