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This Video Of Jeff Goldblum Eating Spicy Wings Is The Best Thing You ‘ll See Today

A brand new episode, and season finale, of the hilarious web series ‘Hot Ones ‘ was released this morning, and it features none other than our favorite renaissance man Jeff Goldblum.

For those of you who haven ‘t seen it before, the premise of the show is pretty straight forward: a celebrity shows up and gets interviewed as he and host, Sean Evans, eat a platter of chicken wings that get progressively spicy. The show has featured celebrities like Natalie Portman, Ricky Gervais and…Guy Fieri.

On this episode, The pair discuss how bad spicy food is for your vocal chords, how Jeff has never had a single cavity or filling (WHAT?!) and being called “daddy ‘.

Here ‘s the full video. I highly recommend watching this at your desk while you pretend to be working.

Check out more episodes of the brilliant ‘Hot Ones ‘ here.

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