By: Jack Kenny

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Jane Lynch and Kate Mulgrew Think The Birds Sing Too Loud

If you thought Jane Lynch and Kate Mulgrew couldn ‘t surprise you more after their long careers filled with diverse performances, guess again. In the dark comedic short film “The Birds Sing Too Loud, ‘ the pair once again transform into something everyone can relate to, obnoxious relatives you just can ‘t get rid of.

In an effort to mend old broken fences, Mitch (Braxton Molinaro) invites his two bitter aunts Clarice (Jane Lynch) and Delores (Kate Mulgrew) for a visit to his fancy Hollywood home. It doesn ‘t go well.


Jane Lynch”’ ‘..Clarice

Kate Mulgrew”’..Delores

Braxton Molinaro” ‘ ‘Mitch

Jack Kenny”’ ‘.Writer/Director

Gilana Lobel”’ ‘Producer

Oliver Brooks”’..Producer

Jonathan Sokolow” ‘.Producer

Director of Photography’ ‘ ‘Daniel Satinoff

Art Director”’ ‘..Sam Ogden

Costume Designer” ‘.Whitney Oppenheimer

Editor/Post Super” ‘ ‘Zach Kashkett

Editor”” ‘.Kim Landry

Camera Operator” ‘ ‘Jacob LaGuardia

Camera Operator” ‘ ‘Greg LeFevre

Sound Mixer”’ ‘.Joey Paul

Boom Operator”’Jake Brichta

Casting Director” ‘ ‘..Suzanne Goddard-Smythe

Stunt Coordinator” ‘ ‘Tommy Primeau

Composer/Original Music’ ‘..Daniel Suett

Sound Editor”’ ‘Milos Zivkovic

Make-up/Hair”’ ‘Jessica Licata

Script Supervisor” ‘ ‘.Brittany Escalante

2nd AD””..Ian Maddox

Stand-ins”’ ‘ ‘..Georgia Kneuhl, Jackie Hansen

Set Photographers” ‘.Ashly Covington, Margaret Murphy

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