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Elon Musk Hit A Blunt On The Joe Rogan Podcast And It ‘s The Funniest Shit You ‘ll See Today

Elon Musk, the controversial CEO of Tesla, woke up, showered, blow dried his pubes with a flame thrower, put on a shirt that read “Occupy Mars ‘ on it, and drove his 2012 Toyota Corolla to appear as a guest on the ‘Joe Rogan Experience ‘.

During the podcast, the pair talked about expensive watches, artificial intelligence, whether Musk is a “case on his cell phone or not ‘ type of guy, and other complicated shit that I fast forwarded because I got bored and am stupid.

But brace yourselves, because at one point, Joe Rogan pulls out a fat blunt. Musk immediately asks him IF IT ‘S A JOINT OR A CIGAR LMFAOOOO. Musk then asks Rogan if IT ‘S LEGALLLLLLLLL…I meannnnnn, come on dude.

Ok, I won ‘t spoil the details but watch it yourselves (it ‘s approximately at 2h 10m). Enjoy.

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