By: Darren Miller

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Shootin ‘ The Shit with Blake Griffin

Last night we got to hang out with Blake Griffin before Comedy By Blake, the second annual comedy benefit he hosted with Red Bull to raise money for the Team Griffin Foundation, a charity that inspires young people to nurture their passions.

Shootin' The Shit with Blake Griffin

We hung out with Blake Griffin and watched him shoot hoops with potatoes and sausages

Posted by Funny Or Die on Friday, September 14, 2018

Did we ask him the burning questions you might have about his basketball career, his charity organization, or doing comedy?

NO. Why? Because if you get ten minutes with Blake Griffin, you do the responsible thing: set up a mini basketball hoop and see how many shots he can sink using random things we picked up at the store instead of a basketball.

He was on fire til Jimmy O. Yang crashed the party…

We stayed for the REAL show and were treated to some amazing standup from Jeff Ross, Ron Taylor, Sam Jay, Michelle Wolf, Ali Wong, and Bill Burr.

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