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How To Accept That Cheese Tea Is Now A Thing

There ‘s just no way we ‘re ready for this. Cheese tea? Come on. Please, don ‘t do this. Not now. Life is hard enough. Do we need another drink that sounds disgusting ’til we try it and have to admit it ‘s actually pretty good because of course it ‘s good, everyone on the eastern hemisphere has known that for years?


But it is indeed catching on. So here ‘s a way to train yourself to accept this foregone conclusion, step by step.

Remember that cheese is a spectrum

Cheese is not just for pizza and burgers. Cheese can be sweet.

Cheesecake is a thing. Cannolis are a thing. Cheese is not that far from cream, and milk!

We ‘ve already come to accept – and even, dare I say, enjoy – milk and cream in tea. Not to mention tapioca pudding balls.

Hillary Clinton is an undecided voter on bubble tea

Maybe this is just the right kind of cheese for the occasion! Cheese can go in drinks. And it can be delicious.

You have officially re-wired your brain to be okay with this.

Remember that tea is a spectrum, too

Tea can be a breakfast thing. A caffeine thing. A relaxation thing. A dessert thing!

Tea is not the problem here. Tea is great and can be anything you want it to be any time. It ‘s no secret that tea has been fertile ground for experimentation for centuries.

Let ‘s just all agree not to blame tea for this. It can adapt to pretty much anything you throw at it. And cheese is probably no different.

Look how innocent this cheese tea is, what with its weird colors and its dripping cheese.

Your brain was already wired to be okay with tea. Now just connect the tea wire to the cheese wire we just re-wired earlier.


Are you ready to like this yet?

Wait hang on what ‘s that shit on top? Let ‘s just ignore it. We can ‘t make this too complicated.

Trust the experts

You have to admit, at some point, that it ‘s not worth letting your food and drink prejudices stand in the way of what could be your new favorite thing. To think that you, someone who has not even tried this thing, know better than the many people who have already mastered it and love it, is pretty presumptuous.

I mean, I don ‘t mean to come at you – “you ‘ are really me. I ‘m just relaying my process here, so you can skip all the mental gymnastics I had to do to be ready for this. But look at this!

These guys clearly know what the they ‘re doing.

And to be fair, the States are pretty deep on the list of countries that have become accustom to this drink. It started in 2010 in Taiwan, and has since made its way through China, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. That ‘s a list of countries that know beverages. I trust them! You should too. Let ‘s get over ourselves.

Cheers! Wait, is this bubbles AND cheese? Also what ‘s going on at the top of this one? Is that like a stick of butter? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

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