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From the mind of Marc Wiltshire comes a short film that sees an awkward suitor forced to have the first honest date of his life, with a woman described as his perfect match if dating sites are to be believed.

James and Erica are two single thirty-somethings who met online and are looking for the same thing – an honest and real relationship. Or are they? When Erica introduces a consumer-grade polygraph called a “Bullshit Detector ‘ to their first date, the hopeful couple finds that their intentions aren ‘t as authentic as they themselves even thought.

Greg Perri
Shannon Hamm
Anthoula Katsimatides
and Eddie Pepitone as the Bullshit Detector

Directed by Marc Wiltshire
Story by Marc Wiltshire and Chris Rebbert
Written by Chris Rebbert
Cinematography by Shivani Khattar
Produced by Harry Mavromichalis, Chris Rebbert and Marc Wiltshire
Edited by Margret Kerr
Music by Forest Christenson & Ben Bransletter
Sound Mix by Forest Christenson
Title Design by Brett Rogstad

Produced as a Masters Thesis film for New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia. ‘
Shot on the RED Epic in 4 days.
Edited on Avid Media Composer
Graded on DaVinci Resolve at Post-Moderne

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