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Jesse McCartney Fights Jesse McCartney

Pop star Jesse McCartney in 2018 is not the same Jesse McCartney from Dream Street or All My Children. Well, actually that ‘s not true, he technically is the same person, but now, as Jesse steps back onto the music stage, with new singles “Better With You ‘ and “Wasted, ‘ his manager (also Jesse McCartney) has some ideas to update his image.

Who can blame his manager for this tried and true approach? We ‘ve seen it time and again. Shia Lebeouf goes from lovable child actor to renegade iconoclast who (at times) behaves like a person who ‘s been chewing on paint chips. Or Justin Bieber. Or take Shawn Mendes. When he came to the Funny Or Die offices, we found out Shawn is actually a huge diva.

The problem is, Jesse isn ‘t a huge egotistical buffoon. So, this new approach, this… throw-pastry-at-assistants guy, takes some getting used to. Can Jesse fight Jesse?

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Starring: Jesse McCartney

Writer: Tamara Yajia
Writer/Producer: Darren Miller
Director/Editor: Kevin Mead
Director of Photography: Ted Von Bevern
Gaffer: Walter Lin
Key Grip: Jason Padilla
Hair & Makeup: ‘Vanessa Moreno
Wardrobe: John Thompson
Sound Mixer: Kally Williams
Visual Effects, Graphics: Bryan Wieder
Production Assistant: Mady Dever
Production Assistant: ‘Mike Farina

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