By: Dashiell Driscoll

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The Time Zack Morris Faked A Terminal Illness To Win A Celebrity Kissing Bet

Remember the ‘Saved by the Bell ‘ when Zack Morris faked a terminal illness to win a celebrity kissing bet? Basically here ‘s how it starts and it goes to Trashville pretty dang quick: Stevie the pop star is coming back to her middle school to perform. Zack (for no reason) lays claim to her famous flesh. But Lisa, who ‘s president of Stevie ‘s fan club, is certain Stevie will have no interest in Zack ‘s immature ass.

Zack bets Nikki he can kiss Stevie and claims he already won on a technicality because he kissed her poster. (Pathetic.) If he wins, Nikki has to wash his gym clothes for a year, attempting to force his unwanted physical advances and housework on two women at the same damn time.

It gets better-worse: as if Zack Morris gambling over a celebrity kiss to make his female classmate wash his sweaty clothes isn ‘t enough, when he learns his target has a kind heart, he abuses that knowledge (of course) by faking a terminal illness to guilt her into kissing him, then expands his charade, exploiting anyone who would be foolish enough to grant him one last kindness. Zack Morris Is Trash.

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