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The 5 Best Things To Look At While Listening To Today ‘s Best Podcasts

More and more people are listening to podcasts these days, and that ‘s great. But with all this incredible audio going into your ears, it creates one glaring problem: what do you do with your eyes?

You can ‘t look at something that might distract you from the ear sounds, like a movie (moving images, sound, etc.) or your twitter feed (words to read, enraging hot takes, etc.), but let ‘s face it: you can ‘t just gouge out your eyes. I mean, it ‘d hurt! Also you can ‘t close them.

ANYWAY we did intense scientific research to find the best stuff to look at while you ‘re busy hearing a great podcast, along with ideal podcast pairings for each.

1. The Road

The most popular thing to look at while you ‘re listening to podcasts is the road, from your car. To really take advantage of this, find a road with the least amount of other cars or life possible. You really want to be able to space out on a straightaway. It ‘ll feel like you ‘re moving forward and making progress in life, when really you ‘re just listening to a podcast.

Best if paired with:

The most popular thing to look at deserves the most popular podcast to hear. Season 3 of Serial is now out and boy would it sound good while you ‘re looking at pavement and trees.

2. Nice Piece of Art

Why not look at a nice piece of art or something? That ‘d be fine, right? Go to a museum, or a wall in your house with some art, and just, y ‘know, stand there. It doesn ‘t matter what you ‘re looking at, but it ‘s definitely better if you like the art. Art is subjective, so no judgements here.

Best if paired with:

Last Seen is about the biggest art heist in history, and if you ‘ve followed this right, you ‘re looking at art right now. Crazy, right? I mean, what if that art was stolen while you ‘re looking at it and listening to a podcast about art being stolen. That would be pretty cool.

3. The Fridge

This is the perfect time to mindlessly open that fridge and “just see what ‘s in there ‘ like you ‘ll do another 600 times later today. Who knows, you might find something to eat, which would be rad. Then you can look at the food you ‘re eating.

Best if paired with…

The Eater Upsell is the podcast from Eater, which is a great food website. Fully engulf yourself in food. You deserve it.

4. Fellow Subway Weirdos

You ‘re a weirdo on the subway listening to a podcast, and so is everyone else. Everyone should just agree to be scenery – NOT IN A CREEPY WAY – and stare into space wherever. If you ‘re gonna be creepy about it though, this may be news to you: IT WILL BE OBVIOUS, AND YOU WILL RUIN THE WHOLE THING. We ‘re on #4 here and I ‘m trying to give you a little more trust and responsibility. Please don ‘t make me regret it.

Best if paired with:

Beautiful/Anonymous is a podcast hosted by comedy hero Chris Gethard featuring beautiful stories about anonymous people. Like you and the other weirdos on the subway! Remember: BE. COOL.

5. Sensory Deprivation Chamber

Honestly, this one ‘s a bad idea. But all these “best ‘ lists on the internet only ever have good ideas. Don ‘t you get tired of that? We should mix it up more! Anyway, for this one you ‘d need headphones on in a tank full of water (strike one) meant specifically to deprive you of all senses, including both hearing (strike two) and sight (strike three). This may even be the worst idea I can think of!

Best if paired with:

The always polarizing, arguably problematic, consistently entertaining Joe Rogan Experience. Cause this is a bad idea on a “best ‘ list, and also that guy loves sensory deprivation chambers.

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