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Prius, B*tch.

We all know the silent killer of the modern city. We ‘ve seen them rolling around our streets, emboldening the hipster class, and multiplying faster than Starbucks stores in the developing world. We ‘re of course talking about the Toyota Prius, a car that while environmentally friendly, lacks the glamour of an Elon Musk Tesla and the Big Dick Energy of a Maserati. Despite various updates to it ‘s appearance over the years, the Prius has never been considered a sexy car worthy of champagne showers.

But no one is going to make Australian actress Christina Collard feel bad about her choice of transportation as her latest track “Prius, B*tch ‘ declares loudly from the hills of Hollywood. Joined by fellow actors Keisha-Castle Hughes (Game of Thrones, The Almighty Johnsons), Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist, Game of Thrones), Chris Redd (Saturday Night Live), and with a special appearance from Not Tom Cruise himself Evan Ferrante, “Prius, B*tch ‘ reminds us that it ‘s ok to be proud of your Japanese hybrid.

Starring: Christina Collard, Keisha-Castle Hughes, and Jessica Henwick.

Man Candy: Chris Redd
Tom Cruise: Evan Ferrante

Hipster Harem:
Rhiannon Cowles, Leah Lamarr, KC Williams, Lilly Lawrence, Chad Gabriel, Oliver Lundin, Sarah Kurtz

Written, produced and directed by Christina Collard.

Producer: Keisha Castle-Hughes

Director of Photography: Hunter Chase
First Camera Assistant: Oliver Lundin
Editor: Adrian Izquieta
Hair and Make-Up: KC Williams
Art Director Extraordinaire: Keisha Castle-Hughes

‘Prius Bitch ‘ written by Christina Collard
Composed by JP Kaya
Co-Produced by JP Kaya & 41x

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