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Comedians React to Kanye West ‘s Insane Visit with Trump

Kanye West visited President Donald Trump in the Oval Office this morning and of course there was no shortage of bizarre elements to this meeting.

First, he was ostensibly there to talk about prison reform and gang violence in Chicago, but the first images and video that surfaced showed him pitching Trump on a new design for Air Force One and talking about how his MAGA hat was like a Superman cape for… positive dad energy?

Also, NFL Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown was there too, and it ‘s possible he just sat there and said nothing the whole time while Kanye ranted about an iPlane, his deal with Adidas, and Trump being his new dad.

Oh, almost forgot: Kanye also revealed that the passcode to his cell phone is all zeroes when he unlocked his phone in front of the cameras. Luckily Trump didn ‘t also notice and reveal that his nuclear launch codes are all zeroes too.

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