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Kawhi Leonard ‘s Laugh as the ‘NBA On NBC ‘ Theme Is Right On Time

Back on NBA Media Day, Kawhi Leonard made a terrible mistake by letting the public hear his incredibly awkward laugh.

It does kind of seem like he ‘s just a little nervous in front of the cameras (hey, maybe he was just too nervous to play all last season too!) but it ‘s hard to get that laugh out of your head once you ‘ve heard it.

Luckily, an internet hero has taken it upon themselves to auto-tune this laugh to the ‘NBA on NBC ‘ theme song, combining this instant classic with a timeless classic, resulting in… something insane.

Here ‘s fair warning: you can ‘t un-hear this:

Okay if you really need to un-hear this, it might work to re-visit the absolutely ridiculous LIVE BAND EDITION of the ‘NBA on NBC ‘ theme, ‘Roundball Rock ‘ with John Tesh himself:

If you need to un-hear that, I really don ‘t know what I can do to help you. I ‘m truly sorry.

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