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Welcome to LA, LeBron!

When the king himself, LeBron James, chose to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the sunny shores of California to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, there was much rejoicing from the native Angelenos. But Los Angeles is very different from Cleveland and some were concerned LeBron may not be too fond of the L.A. lifestyle.

Luckily local girls (and crazy fans) Katherine & Leah are here to save the day and show LeBron just how great L.A. can be and where to get the best trending foods.

Sketch by Pure and Weary
Shot by: Jessica Gallant
Directed by: Diego Felipe
Written by: Katherine Biskupic & Leah Frires
Sound by: Katie Visser
Edited by: Derek Scully
Featuring: Sarah O ‘Dwyer, Matt Ulrich, Tom Deelo and Brianna Bourgi
Hand Model: Duane Cardinez

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