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Telenovelas Are Hell: La Usurpadora

Mexican telenovelas are known for being way too over the top and the classic La Usurpadora (a.k.a Deceptions) is dramatic as hell. It ‘s basically the sexy ‘version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Consider the following scenario:

Would you rather get blackmailed by your evil twin into posing as her so she can go off and have sex with a bunch of dudes? Get into two car accidents that both end up in explosions? Or have your mentally ill son fall off a cliff and break his head?

Because in this landmark critical examination of the Mexican telenovela La Usurpadora, you can witness all of that and more. And why is that? Well, because as we established when looking at Maria La Del Barrio telenovelas are hell!

Paulina ‘s life sucks shit. She ‘s a poor, honest woman who works at a country club picking up towels with ball sweat on them. She ‘s dating a dude who ‘s cheating on her and who looks like Johnny Depp, if Johnny has eaten too many bagels. And her mother looks like a cadaver and will soon be one because she is dying the most painful death in the history of deaths. You ‘d think her life is bad enough, but in telenovelas, things can always get worse. ‘

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Narrated By: Tamara Yajia

Writer/Editor: Tamara Yajia

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